SOLD – MGL V6 COM Radio for Sale

New radio, new parts, original box; but has been powered up to debug a problem in Garmin protocol decoding.

20131024_163535     FOR SALE: $969.00 with free shipping


MGL Avionics VHF-6 features:

  • 6W TX carrier power (unmodulated) .Typical Power at 13.8V (6.5-7.5W)
  • 108.00 to 117.75 MHZ navigation channel RX (sound only, no navigation functions)
  • 118.00 to 136.75 MHZ coverage (RX and TX)
  • Sunlight readable LCD display
  • 100 channels with alpha-numeric frequency name and function (when radio operated in channel mode)
  • 10 frequency lists (Garmin/Icom communications compatible)
  • Active and standby frequency/channel selection system or direct frequency selection modes
  • Dual scan with priority on active using single transceiver
  • SL30 and SL40 communications compatible with MGL extentions to enable full remote control of entire transceiver with status feedback
  • Fully digital audio subsystem for excellent sound quality
  • Dual circuit digital intercom system (Pilot and passenger circuit, each with own stereo audio output)
  • Four place microphone circuit, each with own level control and noise suppression system. Assignable, 1+3 or 2+2 channels (dual circuit intercom)
  • User selectable ambient noise suppression system and VOX modes:
  • a) Traditional VOX with adjustable level and fading mute
  • b) MGL Avionics propriety VOGAD ambient noise ellimination system.
  • Switchable voice band filter for extremely high noise environments.
  • Stereo music input with automatic fade down on intercom activity.
  • Stereo outputs for each intercom circuit. Note: To make full use of the stereo intercom system, stereo headsets are required.
  • Two auxilary audio inputs, mono, for mobile phone and EFIS annunciator
  • Adjustable microphone levels with bargraph display of levels – easily adjust for best performance
  • Pilot and passenger PTT circuits
  • Pilot and passnger PTT join or isolate
  • Audio output drives 8ohm speaker or 600 ohm headsets
  • Fully digital class-D modulator for best in class power efficiency during transmit
  • Excellent TX sound quality with digitally controlled modulation
  • Highly accurate and stable fully digtal PLL frequency source
  • Dual superhet receiver with 45Mhz 1st IF and 455Khz 2nd IF
  • Bargraph display of received signal level
  • Bargraph display of transmited audio level – see how well your TX carrier is modulated (visual sidetone)
  • Field updatable software (requires PC with RS232) – subject to FCC restrictions
  • PC based interface application available free. Maintain your frequency databases on your PC and upload if you prefer (requires Rs232 port or USB to Rs232 converter)
  • Wide voltage range operation – 10V to 28VDC
  • Super low power consumption: RX 120mA, TX 1.2A (at 13.8V DC)
  • Fits standard 2 1/4″ instrument hole.
  • Very low weight: 250grams (~1/2 lbs)
  • Very small mounting depth, only 10.7cm (4.2″) plus connectors
  • Zero internal adjustment and calibration during either production or service, no adjustable inductors, capacitors or anything else for long stability and service life
  • V6 frequency list editor: (Windows, any 32 bit version)
    This small program allows you to download and upload frequency lists to and from the V6 tranceiver. You can edit these lists and maintain several different lists if you like.


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