8th May 2014


Hours: 7.0 | Posted in Avionics, Foward Fuselage

Worked on a couple of changes. One is as a result of decision to locate the headphone/microphone jacks on the instrument panel. In order to support my goal of easy removal of the pilot & copilot panels, I cut the ‘ears’ off of these panels so that the jacks remain part of the IP frame (since they are permanently installed).

I had a design some time back that reflected this, so will revert my design drawings(used for water jet) to reflect this:


The other change is the decision to switch from the GTX327 transponder to the Sandia STX165R remote transponder. So I listed the GTX327 for sale (it sold right away) and will be placing an order for the STX165R shortly. This will cause changes in the stack with space free’d up.


I wired up the RDAC-XF CAN bus to get it going. I only have a termination resistor at the RDAC for now as I want to add the SP6 & SP7 next.

The magnetic current sensor is temporarily installed on the battery cable which allows me to roughly monitor current to/from battery.



Right now it is showing discharge of about 1.7A and what my power supply was showing for the radio stack in receive only was approximately 1.44A but now there is the iEFIS added in, so current sensor is in the right ball park.



Went ahead and temporarily connected up the SP6 & SP7 to CAN bus 2, to get rid of the red Xs and to also test the connections.



Showing 213 magnetic right now. Need to think about that but lots of steel around the wiring fixture.


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