2nd May 2014

Minor Switch Changes & Work

Hours: 5.0 | Posted in Avionics, Foward Fuselage

I made a change to the Master switch mounting to make it different than the 10 VP-X switches and in a well protected area. It is now right above the magneto/starter switch and operates horizontally. I will also get a red cover for the toggle. This leaves the full 10 switches to the right for the 10 switch inputs to the VP-X


Then I went ahead and did the bus bar for the ground bus on these switches using 4-40 brass hardware. The nuts below are soldered in place to help if any switch needs to be replaced. They will have a common ground connection to the central ground point.





One other small change is the location of the headphones & microphones jacks. I was going to use the original positions behind the seats in the baggage area but then thought better of it. I moved the location to the instrument panel; but this is a small mistake on my part. I had wanted to be able to remove the side panels without the need to remove the jacks. Small problem for now but I had a IP frame design that would allow this.


So if I ever redo the IP I will make the frame change.


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