22nd November 2013

Forward Fuselage Mockup for wiring

Hours: 7.0 | Posted in Avionics, Electrical, Instruments

Here is the view from the firewall side. I’m going to just use the old battery from the plane on the wiring fixture, leaving the new battery (PC-680) ready to mount on the firewall.


Spent time finishing up the mock up of forward fuselage to be used as a wiring jig. I’ll do the wiring harnesses here, configure and update the equipment and test pretty much everything. The layout wiring paths, etc. will be done in a way that will let almost everything be transferred over to the plane later. Exceptions will be wires that go through the skins to the wings, some firewall stuff etc.; but the bulk of it can be done much easier here with full access, rather than in the plane.












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