20th November 2013

Cleanup for Shifting to wiring, assembly, plumbing

Hours: 7.0 | Posted in HANGAR, Tools

Came out early and spent morning cleaning up work bench and hangar area so I can shift to putting the plane back together.


Nothing like a cleaner area.


Thinking about building a simple jig to let me set up IP, stack, false sub-panel; so I can start on wiring independent of fuselage work. I plan to do all the wiring runs so that they do not go through holes (except firewall and wings)  and the harnesses could be easily laced outside the plane and then transferred over to the plane.

I’m going to build up a fixture using steel angle to represent the forward fuselage section of the longerons, then using the real instrument panel, switch & control panel, mockups of the sub-panel & upper firewall, correctly placed & spaced to do the wiring harnesses.

Idea note_20131120_155517_01


This will let me fabricate wiring harnesses, configure & test everything, working independently from fuselage work.




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