19th November 2013


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The firewall is pretty much all prepared, with holes drilled, plate-nuts mounted. As much as I can do until I get the tubes of sealant to start adding things onto the firewall. That may be mostly done after installing the new firewall.



Switched over to forward fuselage as there are a few things to add and/or check out. The ADSB UAT will need both a GPS antenna (upper skin) and a UAT antenna, blade type, floor skins. I want to check on cable runs & lengths to make sure everything is OK. Also want to start on the forward section fuel, vent, and brake plumbing.



Removed everything that could be removed in preparation for final cleanup, painting and plumbing required in forward fuselage section.



There are a few last minute changes, additions, deletions. One is the addition of a 2nd small fuse block to support a ‘battery’ bus. That bus is direct to the battery and hot all the time for keep-alives, etc. The 2 fuse blocks will be right above each other as shown here (just taped in place for example). The second fuse block is for the backup bus off of the backup battery.



Then another addition is location of external voltage regulator for the alternator (just keeping my 40A B&C alternator for now). This will be on the opposite side of the sub-panel from the backup battery, using nut plates so that it can be lowered for servicing, if necessary. (Just being held in place here).



Location of voltage regulator with holes drilled.



Another addition is the GPS antenna for the ATSB UAT. I decided to mount this on the upper skin, forward fuselage and just keep it well sealed.



Then the UAT blade antenna is just below on the bottom skin, probably 8 feet from the transponder antenna.




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