15th November 2013

Never-ending Firewall

Hours: 8.0 | Posted in Bulkheads, Foward Fuselage

I decided to cut some lightening holes in the RDAC-XF backing plate.


While that was drying I started on the control cables pass-thrus. Plenty of room for the throttle control cable. Not so for the mixture control cable, so it required some extra work. Also punched 3/4″ hole for nose gear retention bolt. For the eye balls using a 1-1/8 hole punch. The hole punches cut good holes.


The final solution is almost in the RV-7 firewall locations. Still need to do Carb Heat and oil cooler shutter control cables.


Also went ahead and punched 3/4″ holes for the wiring pass-thrus on both sides, left & right, of the firewall. These will use stainless steel hardware to attach an d then fire sleeve and sealant to seal.


Completed the backing plate and went ahead and riveted it on along with 4 nut plates for RDAC-XF mounting. Test fit shown here.


Spent some time getting the forward section prepped & ready for assembly.


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