5th November 2013

Back to firewall

Cleaned the work bench off again so I can get back to finishing up the firewall.



Continuing to place items, located holes, sizes, ID those who need to be dimpled for final assembly. The gascolator backing plate will need to be modified slightly due to older firewall. Did layout for 2 cabin heat valves, placed brake fluid reservoir, decided to cut 3 place pressure manifold into 2 pieces, 2 place on left side (oil, fuel) and a place on right (manifold). Decided on placement of fuel flow red cube & mounting. Placed order to Van’s for additional brake parts needed.

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5th November 2013

Brake plumbing

Warming up tubing to soften it.


Cooling down brass inserts.




Completed rudder pedals, brake pedals, brake plumbing assembly ready to go into the plane. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t leak. The tubing, brass inserts, brass ferrules….. very hard to do. Some blood was drawn.



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5th November 2013

New Dual Brakes

Started to put the new brake plumbing system together. Re-build will have dual brakes as opposed to single before , installed on overhead rudder pedals as opposed to floor mount before.


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