12th November 2013

More Firewall

Final location arrangement of the contactor area, holes drilled ready for mounting:


Brake reservoir, holes drilled, ready for mounting:


Fuel Flow sensor, holes drilled, ready for mounting:


Using the rear side of the firewall to locate the GND tabs, fore & aft.


Just no good way to mount them vertically. Guess I can see why most people end up horizontal above the firewall stiffeners.


OK, I decided, get on with it. Here are the chosen locations for the ground tabs, fore & aft sides of firewall, also the central location for the RDAC-XF, and leaving open the option of a single pressure manifold (if needed) for the manifold pressure between the engine and the RDAC. Actually this side of the engine is the side that needs 2 pressure transucers, oil and manifold. It is the other side that needs only 1, fuel pressure.


OK, think I have made the final firewall decisions and can go ahead and drill & cut the final holes. It’s about 3/4 finished right now and this will let me get to 100%. Decided to keep the option for 2 cabin heat ports after checking the hose fit. After all it is Colorado, not Texas. Decided to have the 2 wire/cable feed thrus directly below the upper skin ribs on each side, put the 2 port pressure manifold on the left, single port on the right (viewing from FWF., and mount the RDAC in the center using nutplates for easy removal, replacement. I have a 2″ knockout punch coming for the cabin heat holes. a 1-1/8″ punch on hand for the control cable feed-thrus, and a 3/4″ punch on hand for the cable feed-thru tubes. Whoops! Better place the holes for all control cable feed-thrus.


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12th November 2013

Yesterdays Work

Went ahead and enlarged the ‘stack’ rectangle in the stack bezel, to one large rectangle, cutting out the metal where the V6 & V20 were going to go.



Decided on just the alternator ANL in close proximity to the main copper buss bar, pointed downwards.



Built a mounting angle for the fuel flow sensor. It will bolt through the firewall and through the brake hose bracket behind the firewall.



As for location for the ground tabs, I want to have a location that puts the through bolt just above the battery negative connection BUT below the upper firewall horizontal angle for access. The main wiring plane is going to be the bottoms of the upper forward skin ribs (same level os the upper angle. Placing it below will give access above the rudder pedals but low enough to reach.


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9th November 2013

Firewall Components

20131109_152815 20131109_152742 20131109_151908 20131109_151901


Idea note_1_01

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8th November 2013

More firewall

I finished assembly of the battery box and hold down bar.



Working to rivet on all backing plates and nut plates I have ready. Here is back of firewall at time of this post.


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8th November 2013

Firewall work

The past few days I have been working on the firewall and haven’t taken many photos:

-riveted battery box together and installed nut plates
-fabricated the battery hold down plate
-countersunk and dimpled all holes needing it so far
-decided on placement of the ANL current limiters
-ordered remaining parts needed for brake system
-got gascolator backing plate ready to rivet on
-drilled remaining holes for contactor mounting
-split pressure manifold into 2 pieces for left-right mounting & location
-located and marked mounting for brake fluid reservoir
-located and marked location for SlickStart
-located & marked location for fuel flow red cube.
-painted center tunnel cover, fuel selector plate & cover


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5th November 2013

Back to firewall

Cleaned the work bench off again so I can get back to finishing up the firewall.



Continuing to place items, located holes, sizes, ID those who need to be dimpled for final assembly. The gascolator backing plate will need to be modified slightly due to older firewall. Did layout for 2 cabin heat valves, placed brake fluid reservoir, decided to cut 3 place pressure manifold into 2 pieces, 2 place on left side (oil, fuel) and a place on right (manifold). Decided on placement of fuel flow red cube & mounting. Placed order to Van’s for additional brake parts needed.

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5th November 2013

Brake plumbing

Warming up tubing to soften it.


Cooling down brass inserts.




Completed rudder pedals, brake pedals, brake plumbing assembly ready to go into the plane. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t leak. The tubing, brass inserts, brass ferrules….. very hard to do. Some blood was drawn.



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5th November 2013

New Dual Brakes

Started to put the new brake plumbing system together. Re-build will have dual brakes as opposed to single before , installed on overhead rudder pedals as opposed to floor mount before.


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