19th June 2013

Finally – Some work on the plane

Finally, I have caught up enough on yard, farm, and garden work enough to get to work on the plane again.

The 3 final pieces I had water jet cut were done and I went by to pick them up. The 3 pieces were to finish up the 3 sections of the new instrument panel:

PILOT PANEL – This piece was simply to adapt the current Explorer size (8.5″) display to my cutout for the final Challenger display (10.4″)

Fit OK but lesson learned is don’t trust the manufacturer drawings to be correct.



STACK BEZEL – The stack ended up being a mix of stack type avioinics, small round radios, some I/O connectors for new electronics, and some custom lighting controls and AOA at the top. I made a bezel to mount & space everything correctly.


I made an error on entry here in the height of the audio panel. It is 1.3″ versus 1.5″, probably just incorrect on entry. I will just space the audio panel on center.

PASSENGER PANEL – This is just the custom built touch monitor bezel with small DVR built in. Only loaded one of the key caps to check for fit.


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