30th May 2013

Painting, stack alignment, misc

I have decided to use more dark gray and less light gray. There seems to be something wrong with the light gray or at least I have trouble with it (orange peel regardless of what you do). That’s probably why Home Depot does not stock it. So all brackets, bulkheads, structural elements are going to be the darker gray and I will look for a new light gray.

I masked & prepped the cockpit side rails & canopy mating surface and painted them the darker gray, also a few small pieces that will be used as brackets & holders.



Also spent some time looking at flush alignment of the stack. I’d like all the facing surfaces to be flush with the V6 face surface. This is a real odd ball stack, from short to long, all in one stack.


Dropped a sheet of 2′x 4′ 6061-T4 0.063 aluminum off at the water jet place. 3 Week estimated but then I could be filing for 3 weeks with those cut-outs. Need to get my own milling system.


Side View of the long & the short of it!


Removed masking tape & paper.




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