22nd May 2013

Instrument Panel & Stack

Back at it after several days of yard & garden work.

I wasted several hours trying to make a new stack mount tray for the V6, mainly wanted it’s faceplate to be flush with the front of the other instruments which all protrude about 3/4″.

The cutting of the round holes as well as the bending was a dismal failure. With the tools I have the holes crept away from where they should have been and the bending of a complex piece such as this is difficult to impossible with the brake setup I have.





So then I decided to just do a flat bezel & water jet cut it so the instrument holes do not creep. All of the other stack devices will adjust to the V6 faceplate location and the while bezel will be flush mounted on the panel.

Here is what the stack looks like:


and the bezel will be something like this:


Just rectangular cut-outs for the radios, etc. and 2 – 2.25″ instrument holes for the V6 and later V20.

To get the exact vertical placement so this can be water jet cut, I partly reassembled everything to do final measurements. Here is how the angle bracing, sub-panel to instrument panel turned out:




And here is the center stack in approximately the right vertical location:



Then carefully measuring everything in place:


This will let me do an AutoCAD drawing for the water jet cutting.

Also need to do left panel, right panel. May as well do all 3 at the same time.


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