30th May 2013

Painting, stack alignment, misc

I have decided to use more dark gray and less light gray. There seems to be something wrong with the light gray or at least I have trouble with it (orange peel regardless of what you do). That’s probably why Home Depot does not stock it. So all brackets, bulkheads, structural elements are going to be the darker gray and I will look for a new light gray.

I masked & prepped the cockpit side rails & canopy mating surface and painted them the darker gray, also a few small pieces that will be used as brackets & holders.



Also spent some time looking at flush alignment of the stack. I’d like all the facing surfaces to be flush with the V6 face surface. This is a real odd ball stack, from short to long, all in one stack.


Dropped a sheet of 2′x 4′ 6061-T4 0.063 aluminum off at the water jet place. 3 Week estimated but then I could be filing for 3 weeks with those cut-outs. Need to get my own milling system.


Side View of the long & the short of it!


Removed masking tape & paper.




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29th May 2013

IP Back apart, mounting stuff on the sub-panel

Took the instrument panel out of the way, while mounting things on the sub-panel.



Repaired Display covers before shipping SL-40 display board to Brother for display chip replacement.


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28th May 2013

Last Water-Jet Pieces

I decided on some key-caps for the small monitor keyboard and finished the drawing for the last 3 small panel pieces for waterjet cutting.


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23rd May 2013

Small Water Jet Jobs

I spent some time in AutoCAD getting drawings ready for 3 small water jet jobs:

1. Pilot panel plate just to adapt Explorer display to Challenger cut-out; however Challenger is supposed to be released at the end of July (2 months off).

2. Passenger side – bezel for the right side monitor I’m building.

3. Center stack bezels to space everything correctly & hold it in place, along with extra buttons, switches, I/O  for computer, AOA, and annunciator/lighting controller.

Here is the drawing for the center stack bezel to give you an idea:


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22nd May 2013

Instrument Panel & Stack

Back at it after several days of yard & garden work.

I wasted several hours trying to make a new stack mount tray for the V6, mainly wanted it’s faceplate to be flush with the front of the other instruments which all protrude about 3/4″.

The cutting of the round holes as well as the bending was a dismal failure. With the tools I have the holes crept away from where they should have been and the bending of a complex piece such as this is difficult to impossible with the brake setup I have.





So then I decided to just do a flat bezel & water jet cut it so the instrument holes do not creep. All of the other stack devices will adjust to the V6 faceplate location and the while bezel will be flush mounted on the panel.

Here is what the stack looks like:


and the bezel will be something like this:


Just rectangular cut-outs for the radios, etc. and 2 – 2.25″ instrument holes for the V6 and later V20.

To get the exact vertical placement so this can be water jet cut, I partly reassembled everything to do final measurements. Here is how the angle bracing, sub-panel to instrument panel turned out:




And here is the center stack in approximately the right vertical location:



Then carefully measuring everything in place:


This will let me do an AutoCAD drawing for the water jet cutting.

Also need to do left panel, right panel. May as well do all 3 at the same time.


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11th May 2013

Hangar Cleaning

Continued with hangar cleanup & rearranging.




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8th May 2013

More Stack Work

I fabbed up a small tray for the V6 radio plus a V20 if it ever shows up.

Plus had a discussion with hangar neighbors about the prop and main landing gear. Short answer is stick with what the plane has now.

Front View:


Rear View:


In the stack:




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7th May 2013

Lots of Miscellaneous

I have been working on lots of little details surrounding the instrument panel, sub-panel and the working forward. Plus I did some more shop cleanup & organization, another Aircraft Spruce order & more.

Started getting the center stack organized, but still need to build a ‘tray’ for the MGL V6 radio plus another 2.25″ instrument.



Got some fitting and hose, & worked on my engine back flush idea to get my pickup going again. I plan to start on this sometime this week.


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6th May 2013

Shop Layout

Working on putting more kit parts up on the pallet rack and then re-arranging the shop tools so that all the metal working tools are co-located for best use.

A lot of work with heavy things but worth it.


But to at least get a little bit done on the plane, I made a blank plate for the stack, just to show the colors. The radios and other stack mount avionics will go here and just a trim plate in the final form.



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6th May 2013

Instrument Panel

My painting is not working very well, I need to get a better setup & figure out what is going wrong. But here are a couple more preview photos.



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