30th April 2013


Who, Why would someone do this?


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30th April 2013

New Fuel Tanks Enroute

I was able to get a set of new fuel tanks (built by Evan Johnson a couple of years ago), from a person whose son never got to use them. These are RV-6 fuel tanks, undrilled, with oversize skins, standard pickup tubes (non-aerobatic), and float senders.

This will enable me to move forward with the existing wings (not pretty but they have 2000 hours of flight on them). The tanks were a key log in the log jam. They will need some fitting but nothing like building new tanks.




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29th April 2013

Interior Colors

I’ve decided on these paints colors for the interior.

Structural Elements – bulkheads, ribs, stiffeners, angles, brackets, accents, etc. Rustoleum Professional Dark Machine Grey or mostly in my case accents get dark grey, center tunnel & covers down the center get dark grey, etc.

Skin/Sheet Elements – skins, flat sheet metal panels, most of the exposed areas, etc. Rustoleum Professional Light Machine Grey

Other Items that are Black or need to be black – most instruments come with flat black bezel, the vents I have are black, but probably could get grey, the glare shield is usually a dark color, possibly black or dark grey.

Here is an example image:


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28th April 2013

Sunday Preview

It’s Sunday and I didn’t get out to the hangar till later, so all you are going to get today, is just a preview.


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26th April 2013

Right Side Monitor

I received the driver boards for the touch screen I want to use as a right side monitor (passenger in my case). Set all of this up on the bench for testing & everything seems to work. Now just need to get some input to drive it with for testing.


with an HDMI input & upside down. Glare is because I have not removed the taped on shipping plastic.


Plus I only have 1 string of backlights connected up.

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26th April 2013

New Instrument Panel

Starting to add components to the new instrument panel pieces.



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26th April 2013

New Fuel Tanks

I think I may have found some new RV-6 fuel tanks. They are in Lake Tahoe. That would allow me to keep the current wings & the plan would be: 1. Get current plane flying, but safely 2. Build new plane the way I want it.


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23rd April 2013

Painting Continued

I put a second coat of Rustoleum Dark Machine Grey on the switches/controls panel. This was after going over the surfaces with a scotch-brite pad.

I need a better paint setup. There is just too much dust & floating debris in the hangar. I think I’ll see if I can build a small 3′x4′, well sealed, air filtered setup.


Later – It may as well dry more while hanging in place so here is a quick preview.


Black vents:


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23rd April 2013

Center Cover

Cleared out the center section & vacuumed. Started getting the center cover pieces ready to check fitting before cleanup & priming.


In the process of doing this, noticed what seemed like a loose bolt through the wing spar. On closer checking turned out to be a broken bolt. Granted it is just one of the outer AN3 bolts out of about 30 or so, but ….


In the area that also bolts through the main landing gear weldment on the pilot side.


Seems like several condition inspections ago, I saw what I thought was a missing bolt, while looking at the nut ends. It was probably this bolt with the head broken off.

Makes me want to replace the wings, landing gear & all the bolts.


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20th April 2013

Small DVR

I hooked up the small DVR to check it out. This DVR will only record up to D1 resolution (720×486 for NTSC), but it will do 4 cameras at once, also allows monitor, control and playback in the cockpit. In addition accepts up to 64 GB SDHC card to allow many hours of recording. Also has GPS overlay and several inputs for other functions. Sort of like a mini-black box, original designed for buses in China. So it is ideal for permanently mounted cameras and FLIR. For anything HD, I will just get one of the small sport cameras and strap it on as desired.


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