12th October 2013


Over the summer, my server was messed up due to an attempt to install WordPress Multi-Site on a windows server. That along with my summer workload resulted in little plane work.

Hopefully I have backed multi-site out now & fixed the problems. Also I’ve been working on a simple TO-DO list by category, where it is ‘sticky’ and will show up at the top of each category archive. Items are prioritized as needed to fly, nice to have, and as time permits.

So if you click on a given category, it will show this status at the top as well as work done & when.

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7th May 2013

Lots of Miscellaneous

I have been working on lots of little details surrounding the instrument panel, sub-panel and the working forward. Plus I did some more shop cleanup & organization, another Aircraft Spruce order & more.

Started getting the center stack organized, but still need to build a ‘tray’ for the MGL V6 radio plus another 2.25″ instrument.



Got some fitting and hose, & worked on my engine back flush idea to get my pickup going again. I plan to start on this sometime this week.


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5th May 2013

Sunday – Flying Day

I got invited by Don Morris to fly today. We chose to fly to Yuma and walked into town to the Pizza Hut (the place to be in Yuma on Sunday) for lunch. Headwind on the way over with me flying (7500′), and tail wind back with Don flying (6500′).

I flew IFR (I follow rivers). :)

Video coming.

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19th April 2013

Warming Up

However, it is starting to warm up inside the hangar.

1 (1)

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16th April 2013

Spring Time?


Too cold to work at the hangar  today.


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22nd March 2013


Spent a little time thinking about goals to let me make some progress. Goal is to concentrate on finishing F602 to F604 with painitng to let me start on wiring.


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6th March 2013

Consultant Work

Lost 7 hours of re-build time today as got called to consult.

So entries today will be kind of sparse.

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6th March 2013

General Strategy

As I have worked on re-building N63TX, I have discovered many additional things that range from being unsafe to just those that are possibly OK but I do not like. So the scope of the work that I’d like to get done has grown quite a bit. Attempting to hire some help has not been successful. There is a several month wait on the person who builds replacement fuel tanks.

So, in order to get the work done in a timely manner; my thinking has evolved somewhat.

I currently have all or part of 4 different Vans airplanes, with serial numbers & licenses for 3 of them, along with an assortment of other major parts:

  1. RV-6A Serial 20360 Flying & registured as N63TX, the plane that is being rebuilt. Phlogiston spars on main wings.
  2. RV-6 Serial 20730 – Mostly completed empennage and wings for an RV-6, with the match drilled center fuselage pieces, Phlogiston spars on main wings.
  3. RV-6 Serial 23532 – Mostly completed empennage (only fiberglass work), and started fuselage kit for RV-6, could be slider or tip up, tail wheel or nose wheel. Phlogiston spars on main wings.
  4. Partially completed empennage kit for late RV-6 (RV-8), elevators not done.

No one seems interested in buying any of the partial kits, but there are plenty who want me to give them away. So my strategy from this point is to use the completed parts that I have already to make life easier for me and a better plane to fly. That will consist of:

  • Replace damaged wings and sloshed/leaking fuel tanks of N63TX with completed wings & fuel tanks of Serial 23532. I’ll have a wing changing party.
  • Replace all or part of empennage on N63TX with late RV-6 empennage No. 4 above. This will take care of cracked elevator skin right elevator, misaligned drilling of elevator horns, and goal of moving to electric trim. Not sure if I’ll use the taller VS and counterbalanced rudder or not as N63TX was already tail heavy before re-build.
  • Use what ever new & complete parts I have for N63TX to improve the plane & accelerate the work. (ie: new engine mount, new cowling).

That’s the plan.

That will leave me with parts for 1 additional RV-6, not 2, empennage, wings & tanks, fuselage. Might build an RV-6 tail dragger if still allowed to fly later.

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