17th March 2013

Propeller Options

Since it does not look like the CS prop will work, I put a request in to Catto Props to see if I could get a 3-blade Catto prop.

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17th March 2013

Catch Up

I missed a couple of days work on the plane due to consulting work and a local forest fire; which caused me to go into pet sitting mode (my daughter & family were evacuated).

So this is kind of a catch up post.

I received the bent new switch/control panel back from my son-in-law and it looks good. Besides layout changes, I added 1/4″ depth to the panel to give good visibility of the switches, etc. when sitting in the pilot seat.


One of my friends gave me a bad battery the same size as the backup battery I intend to use, so I can use it as a mockup to get a small battery box fabbed.


In the meantime, the 2 batteries I ordered came in.

The CS prop off of the twin Commanche showed up at the hangar and it is unlikely I could use it on an RV-6 as the hub extensions and hub size are way too large. I did read that 1 or 2 RV-4 builder have used this same prop on RV-4s but had to make significant modifications (which I don’t want to do). So I remain with a fixed pitch prop.


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13th March 2013


I might have a chance to do a CS propeller. My engine is capable of it. Bill Betts has a good Hartzell CS prop, 2 blade I think, that is for an O320, 160 HP engine. Trying to get info on it so I can see if it would work.

I would also need a prop governor so I sized one to see if it would fit.


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