1st March 2013

Old Engine Mount

I stripped all of the  ‘attachments’ off the old engine mount in preparation for inspection and refinishing. But in my opinion I think it is shot. It does not look straight across the bottom  to me but I will get other opinions and try to measure. In addition it had a small plate held on with 2 hose clamps. When I removed that I saw an area that had been rubbed with a huge gouge, big enough to be an appreciable part of the tubing wall thickness.




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20th February 2013

Engine/Engine Mount

Worked all morning to finish removing the engine mount, about an hour apiece on the 3 remaining vibration dampers. It is definitely not a one person job. I had to make two special tools, and one difficult bolt took 2 arms and 1 leg to get enough torque to remove, leaving just one leg to stand on.

But the negine mount is off now for inspection & refurbishing. I do have a brand new spare engine mount in the event there are any problems.

The engine with mount removed:


The old engine mount:


One of my ‘special’ tools:


Then my friend Howard showed up & wanted me to fly to lunch with him (C210). We decided on Greeley with the storm coming in. KFNL was still clear but turned out Greeley was getting closed in fast. Initially after takeoff on the way back we stayed low to stay out of the clouds & ice until we got higher ceilings in the Loveland-Fort Collins area.



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19th February 2013


Took a photo of the rear of the engine for future reference. I am going to remove hoses & old engine mount from the engine for inspection and refinishing or replacement depending on outcome of inspection & will use this photo for parts location.


Well after 3.5 hours of solid work, here is where I’m at. All hoses, etc removed. They will need to be replaced anyways as the plumbing is fairly different for the RV-7 versus the RV-6. Removed the nose gear from the engine mount. One vibration damper removed, working on the second. There are 4 of these. For the non-pilot, the engine is mainly held to the airframe by the outer 4 bolts. Naturally these are very special bolts.


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