20th October 2013


TO-DO LIST       (Tag: TO-DO)

REQUIRED TO FLY: (Tag: Required)

NICE TO HAVE: (Tag: Nice)

  1. Get Bondo filling out, install canopy brace
  2. Install new glare shield material
  3. Strip & re-paint to new colors
  4. Redo leading edge fairing

AS TIME PERMITS: (Tag: Future)

  1. Build new canopy

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19th March 2013

Canopy Hinge Pins

Spent some time gathering measurements for new canopy hinge pins. The slots need to be cut unto the sub panel before mounting, possibly also some small backing plates mounted.

I made a small drawing with the measurements and a possible design:


Added a second screw for stability of operation & modified the drawing. I’m going to make a mockup tonight to test & then since it is steel, see if my son-in-law can weld the 2 pins & actuators for me.

Made a sketch of a way to make the pin mechanism using just a couple of pieces of aluminum angle with no welding.


And after some fab work, here is the prototype canopy pin actuator/bracket. The two screws fit through 2 slots in the sub-panel and will slide approx. 1/2″ to actuate the pin for canopy removal.


Made a drawing to show the dimensions of the slots needed and additional backing plate.


First attempt at cutting slots.



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