12th October 2013

Work Catch Up Post

Even though I haven’t been able to post to the server I have been working. These photos will later be annotated to describe work done.

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29th April 2013

Interior Colors

I’ve decided on these paints colors for the interior.

Structural Elements – bulkheads, ribs, stiffeners, angles, brackets, accents, etc. Rustoleum Professional Dark Machine Grey or mostly in my case accents get dark grey, center tunnel & covers down the center get dark grey, etc.

Skin/Sheet Elements – skins, flat sheet metal panels, most of the exposed areas, etc. Rustoleum Professional Light Machine Grey

Other Items that are Black or need to be black – most instruments come with flat black bezel, the vents I have are black, but probably could get grey, the glare shield is usually a dark color, possibly black or dark grey.

Here is an example image:


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