8th March 2013


I am re-doing the test fits of center sections for one wing set against spars of another wing set. This is to determine chances of replacing old wings with new wings. All of the wings have Phlogiston spars, factory built & factory match drilled. I understand Phlogiston used a jig prior to 1995 and then CNC drilling after 1995.

I’m re-doing this as when I first checked I had the center section(s) upside down. The flange is away from the spar, not around the spar.

Here are the results of center section B against spars C (as defined previously:

Center B – Spar B Right – Fit A+ (perfect fit)


Center B – Spar B Left - Fit A+ (perfect fit)


Center B – Spar C Left – Fit A (almost perfect fit)


Center B – Spar C Right – Fit A (almost perfect fit)



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7th March 2013

Wing Exchange

Trying several test fits of different center sections and splice plates to the different wing spar so as to judge changes of easy wing change out.

For these trial fits, will use these letters:

A- Current wings on the plane, to be taken off
B- Set of wings, splice plates, center section, Circa 1991
C- Set of wings, splice plates, center section, Circa 2000, the ones that I plan to use on the plane.

Here is splice plate B fitted to spar C, very good fit!


Center section B fitted to spar, very good fit!


So, I’m encouraged at this point. Only the outer most holes are a little off.


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