13th December 2013

Hangar Workbench Shelving

I stopped at Home depot on the way out this morning and got the brackets and shelving I need to finish up the shelves and power strip above the second work bench. Did not take long to put them in place.


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9th December 2013

Back Home

I am back from sunny San Diego, but a very cold winter storm arrived at the same time. The hangar has not been warm enough to do much work out there. But we have a warming trend coming up in a couple of days so there is hope.

My heat pump outdoor unit:


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20th November 2013

Cleanup for Shifting to wiring, assembly, plumbing

Came out early and spent morning cleaning up work bench and hangar area so I can shift to putting the plane back together.


Nothing like a cleaner area.


Thinking about building a simple jig to let me set up IP, stack, false sub-panel; so I can start on wiring independent of fuselage work. I plan to do all the wiring runs so that they do not go through holes (except firewall and wings)  and the harnesses could be easily laced outside the plane and then transferred over to the plane.

I’m going to build up a fixture using steel angle to represent the forward fuselage section of the longerons, then using the real instrument panel, switch & control panel, mockups of the sub-panel & upper firewall, correctly placed & spaced to do the wiring harnesses.

Idea note_20131120_155517_01


This will let me fabricate wiring harnesses, configure & test everything, working independently from fuselage work.




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11th May 2013

Hangar Cleaning

Continued with hangar cleanup & rearranging.




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7th May 2013

Lots of Miscellaneous

I have been working on lots of little details surrounding the instrument panel, sub-panel and the working forward. Plus I did some more shop cleanup & organization, another Aircraft Spruce order & more.

Started getting the center stack organized, but still need to build a ‘tray’ for the MGL V6 radio plus another 2.25″ instrument.



Got some fitting and hose, & worked on my engine back flush idea to get my pickup going again. I plan to start on this sometime this week.


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6th May 2013

Shop Layout

Working on putting more kit parts up on the pallet rack and then re-arranging the shop tools so that all the metal working tools are co-located for best use.

A lot of work with heavy things but worth it.


But to at least get a little bit done on the plane, I made a blank plate for the stack, just to show the colors. The radios and other stack mount avionics will go here and just a trim plate in the final form.



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11th March 2013

Shop Work

Replaced the ballast in one of the workbench overhead shop lights. Slow to warm up but seems to be working OK.

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5th March 2013

Hangar Work

Took a little time to rearrange & clean up my desk area. I was tired of stringing cords (serial, USB) across my desk to get to my avionics workbench. So I wanted the computer on the other side of the desk next to the workbench and also wanted a few small shelves to get things & books up off the desk.

So I installed some small shelf brackets on the left yesterday afternoon, and then this morning re-arranged everything. Much better.


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16th February 2013

Misc. Saturday

I received some platenuts I had ordered so I put the last 2 platenuts (corner type) on the rear brackets for the center tunnel.

The cardboard mock up of the small panel brace I sketched up will not work, due to interference with tilt up canopy pieces, so I am back to the drawing board there.

Won’t work:


Putting my rivets into parts bins and labeling them for easy access.

Working on the small angle pieces to brace the bottom of the sub-panel angle.


The two small brackets roughed up. Why are they different lengths? Because the original builder didn’t know how to measure.


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13th February 2013

A Little Shop Work

I made a couple more modifications to my parts cart on wheels. I can roll this around the plane or workbenches to wherever I’m working (along with the roll around tool chest). The parts cart has two sides.

This side has clecos, hardware (rivets, screws, bolts, nuts, fasteners, etc), and other aircraft parts. The common clecos are in the coffee cans, specialty clecos are in the yellow bins just above.


The other side has electrical wire, electrical parts (switches, connectors, crimp pins, etc) along with various supplies along the bottom (scotchbrite pads, heat shrink, clamps, bushings, grommets, etc):


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